405 N 4th St
Denver , PA 17517

Phone: (717) 733-1209
Fax: (717) 733-9794

In Quantities From 1 to 1,000 Pieces
In-House Precision Machine Shop

Close Tolerance Machining

Tool & Die Making and Repair

CNC Machining

Wire and Sinking EDM

Blanchard Grinding


Prototype/ Experimental Machining

Custom Molded Polyurethane Parts


Cast Urethane

Bonded Urethane

Urethane Rollers

Urethane Elastomers

Exotic Material Machining

Rubber Molds

Roll Grinding

Grinding to Tight Tolerances

Revulcanize Worn Parts

Wide Range of Sizes Cast

Also... Jigs, Fixtures, Tool & Die and Gages

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