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CNC Machining

CNC Machine Shop – A Cut Above the Rest

Turn to Ephrata Precision for your CNC machining needs and tap into our decades of machining experience.

The revolution in CNC machining gave rise to the ability to swiftly, accurately, and repeatedly manufacture large quantities of parts. Harnessing these machining advantages has allowed Ephrata to couple our excellent customer service with competitive pricing and lead time. We are programmed to provide quality parts and are committed to on-time deliveries. Everyone at Ephrata Precision—from our skilled machinists to experienced estimators—chips in to engineer top-notch parts and service. We are worth our mettle!

Machining Materials

Ephrata machines a large variety of materials:

Require Custom Machining Services? We have a knack for that!

While other companies may be a little rough around the edges, Ephrata Precision is a level surface for our customers to stand upon. Whether a customer orders a simple part or a complex design entailing multiple steps and processes, Ephrata has the machines and experience to fulfill our customer’s most stringent requirements.

CNC Machining

We understand that every project goes through an inception phase. Here at Ephrata Precision, we offer both prototype and production machining to better serve our customers. Once a part slips into production, production requirements might necessitate custom ordering processes. Therefore, Ephrata accepts both "Kanban" and "Blanket" orders to grease the way to success.

CNC Machine Company that Stands Above the Rest

For over 40 years, Ephrata Precision has consistently been completing quality jobs for its clients. Our CNC machine shop has worked on countless types of projects – both big and small. Our team is talented and dedicated and will work with you throughout the design and build process to ensure you get the exact part you need. Give us a call at 717-336-2814 or fill out a contact form to get started.

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