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When Rubber or Plastic does not Suffice, Custom Polyurethane Elastomers may be the Cure

Ten years after Ephrata Precision began as a jobbing machine shop in 1972, the company was primed for an expansion. In a calculated move, Ephrata stirred the pot and opened a polyurethane department. The new department fit like a glove, naturally meshing with the products and customers of the established machine shop.

From configurative parts, wheels, pads, or seals in conventional or food grade formulations, Ephrata Precision provides cast thermoset polyurethane elastomers in a myriad of forms for the manufacturing sector. Working in conjunction with our machine shop, Ephrata designs and manufactures simple and complex tooling in house for our customers. As a custom molder and job shop, Ephrata manufactures all parts to meet our customer’s specifications. From conception to inspection, Ephrata pours experience into every job.


What is Polyurethane?

Dr. Otto Bayer is credited with the invention of polyurethane back in the 1930s; however, castable polyurethane elastomers did not emerge until after WWII. Filling voids left by other materials like rubber and nylon, polyurethane quickly became a backbone of manufacturing. Today, numerous formulations of polyurethane are available to meet the varied demands of industry. (Clemitson, I.R. Castable Polyurethane Elastomers. CRC Press, 2008)

Whereas most people are familiar with polyurethane foams, coatings, and sealants, cast polyurethane thermoset elastomers do not fit this mold. Cast polyurethane is an organic polymer known for its elastomeric properties (we will not bore anyone with the chemistry). The basic ingredients are formulated and mixed as a liquid and then cured at elevated temperatures to produce a solid elastomeric product. Although it is typically grouped with rubbers, polyurethane tends to outperform similar materials in demanding dynamic applications.

Polyurethane Molding

Take Advantage of Polyurethane

  • Flexible
  • Resists cuts and tears
  • Super abrasion resistant
  • Reasonably priced tooling
  • Bonds to metals and plastics
  • Molded to any shape and size
  • Wide range of sizes and weights
  • Formulas that can operate up to 185° Fahrenheit

Molded Polyurethane Uses:

Free Standing Parts

Free Standing Parts

Pink Tool

Bond to metal

Metal Parts

Molded Polyurethane Plastic Manufacturers

Molded Polyurethane Drives Industry in a Variety of Applications We stock an extensive collection of materials in order to deliver quality customer service.
Polyurethane Molding

If your print references any of the following trade names, please contact us for an identical or equivalent material:

  • Adiprene
  • Airthane
  • Cyanaprene
  • Durothane
  • Polyurethane
  • Versathane
  • Vibrathane
  • Vulkollan

Polyurethane Molding and Manufacturing

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